Liquorice Tea

Whatever I do, regular breakfast tea and instant coffee never seem as tasty to me with soya as with milk, so I’ve tried the lighter China teas, which aren’t suited to milk anyway.
I quite like them, in particular Green Tea, and Jasmine Green Tea, and they make a nice change, especially in the afternoon.
But then I thought I’d try a few herbal teas.
First one was Chamomile, and personally I’m not that keen on it, although of course many people are.
Some herbal teas are made from berries, and are very tasty, although I find some are a bit too sickly.

But one unusual tea I discovered, that I really do like, is made from Liquorice root.
It brings back school-day memories of sucking at the woody root itself. I loved the taste back then, but was always disappointed when the taste ran out, and I was left sucking some tasteless shredded wood.
Now I can relive that taste whenever I want. It’s quite sweet though, so it’s something for the odd occasion rather than a daily diet element.

Liquorice Tea

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