For most of my working life I had a sandwich for lunch. Ham, beef, chicken, turkey, tuna, cheese, cream cheese, peanut butter, tomatoes, eggs, banana, … and many combinations of these. When I retired, it was a habit I continued, having more or less the same fillings.

But when I went vegan at the start of 2019, it naturally brought in some severe restrictions on the choice of fillings. So, I had to get more adventuresome with the ingredients allowed to me.

Most days, I use two slices of wholegrain bread, with a vegetable spread, based on olive oil. (no butter as it’s dairy, and no margarine as it has trans-fats)

For fillings, I usually start with some chopped up red cabbage and some houmous.
The reason I do this is that in “How Not to Die” it stresses the value of eating, each day, a cruciferous vegetable (like cabbage) and a legume (houmous is made from chick peas), so I deal with both of these together.
If I’m out of houmous, I sometimes use peanut butter (Peanuts are essentially a legume).

Then for variety, depending on my mood, and what’s in the fridge, I might add two, three or four of these ingredients:
Sliced black olives, Lettuce, Spinach, Rocket, Avocado, Sliced radishes, Sliced tomatoes, Sliced apple, Sliced banana, Vegan cheese, Vegan cream cheese, Vegan mayo.

If I’m having legumes later (eg. Baked beans) then I might skip the houmous.
If I’m having cruciferous later (eg. Brussels sprouts) then I might skip the red cabbage, or as a treat, I might, instead of the above, have a peanut butter sandwich with a banana or some other fruit.

I can get plenty of variety this way, and after more than a year, I’m still enjoying my sandwiches and still inventing new combinations.

I don’t always have a sandwich, but I’ve found a great alternative is to mix up the houmous and the other ingredients, and put a heap on the plate. Then toast the bread, and use the ‘fillings’ as a dip.

By the way, today’s sandwich was red cabbage, houmous, sliced olives, tomatoes, avocado, and I followed with a small bowl of mixed nuts and a black coffee. Delicious!


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