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I’m over 70, and went Vegan, more or less, in January 2019, after reading some books on health, that all indicated that avoidance of animal fat and protein in the diet, could lead to a longer, healthier life. At the end of 2019, I decided to give it another year, but from now on I’m posting here how I get on: The things I eat and don’t eat; The supplements I take; The effects that I observe, if any; The problems of a restricted diet; The articles, news items and books that seem relevant.

So, if you’re in your 60s or 70s, and you too want to increase the number of healthy years ahead, then hopefully this blog will give you some ideas, and direct you to other useful sources. But this is not medical advice, so if you do make any changes, you must consult a medical practitioner first.

Finally, I’ve not concerned myself here with diagnosis and treatments, as that’s all well covered on the web elsewhere. The focus is on prevention, and the content is for those in their 60’s and 70’s.

Doctor Mike at wotnext

DISCLAIMER: This site is the personal blog of Doctor Mike at wotnext, who is a doctor of philosophy and not of medicine. So nothing on this site should be construed as medical advice.