I was given weeks to live, but then my cancer disappeared

A story on Sky News tells of someone who took action on diet and lifestyle to defeat cancer. As always with these stories, (a) it could be chance, or other factors, that caused the remission, but (b) every time there’s a good-news story like this, it does reinforce the advice given by many health professionals as to the importance of diet.

Leicester Tigers captain and former England rugby player Tom Youngs’ wife Tiff was diagnosed with cancer, which she was told was terminal in 2013.
After blood tests, and an x-ray, a biopsy confirmed she had Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a cancer of the lymphatic system.
After four years of treatment in 2017, they gave her four weeks to a year to live, and she started getting her affairs in order, selling clothes etc.
But then she decided to try an alternative treatment. She went on a strict diet plan of juices, no dairy, no red meat, no sugar, no tea or coffee – basically just fish and green juices, fasting from 7pm until noon the next day.
After three months she felt amazing on it, then in February 2018 she had a scan and the consultant told her it was clear. She was in remission.