Cancer Holford

Say No to Cancer

“Say No to Cancer” was written by Patrick Holford, a nutritionist based in London, but with an international reputation.

His view of cancer is to some extent evidence-based, yet not always in step with general medical advice, as his message is that 85% of cancers are preventable, through diet and lifestyle choices.

You’ll find a lot of his arguments compelling, although some of his recommendations you may not be so sure about. On the web, there are many who are critical of him, in that he goes too far with recommendations that are not fully substantiated, in the use of supplements and mega doses of vitamins.

But on the positive side, these are some of his findings and recommendations, that are apparently evidence-based, and consistent with those from other respected authors:
• Pesticides and plastics may, in mimicking oestrogen, be part of the cause of the increase in rates of breast and prostate cancer. So, you should limit exposure of fatty foods to plastic, avoid foods heated in plastic, buy non-PVC clingfilm, and filter your water with a carbon filter.
• Fried or browned food contains carcinogens. So, you should limit your consumption of crisps, chips, pringles, taco shells, pizza, etc.
• Meat is not generally a good thing in terms of cancer. So, you should limit consumption of red meat, avoid processed meat (like sausages and hot dogs), avoid burned meat, and go organic when you can.
• The higher the milk consumption of a country, the higher the rates of breast and prostate cancer. So, limit your consumption of dairy products.
• High and varied consumption of fruit and vegetables is associated with reduced cancer risk. So, make sure your diet contains a variety of these, including in particular cruciferous vegetables (cabbage, etc.) and soya.

As these recommendations are consistent with other sources, it’s perhaps reasonable to go along with them, even if you don’t fully accept some of his other theories and recommendations.