Coronavirus and Vitamin D

At May 2020, the press was starting to get news about a possible protective effect of Vitamin D on Coronavirus (aka Covid-19).
Typical was this in “Several groups of researchers from different countries have found that the sickest patients often have the lowest levels of vitamin D, and that countries with higher death rates had larger numbers of people with vitamin D deficiency than countries with lower death rates.”

By June 2020, more evidence was appearing, but there was continuing uncertainty about whether Vitamin D is actually effective.

An article in the New York Times explained that a possible link “has sparked debate among experts and prompted researchers at Harvard and other universities to start randomized trials examining whether there is a link. But so far, most of the evidence for the claim comes from observational studies that do not prove causation.”
Dr Meltzer, who is chief of the Section of Hospital Medicine at the University of Chicago says that we can learn a lot from observational studies, but we need randomized trials to determine if there’s a real effect.

Meantime, all authorities stress the need to avoid Vitamin D deficiency, not just to possibly protect against Coronavirus, but to fend off a whole range of ailments that can arise.

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